Greatest Raid Ever || Leather to Kevlar ^o^

Me and my mate were playing rust when we heard gunshots from a house, keep in mind we had hunting bows. The next morning we grabbed our c4 from the airdrop and raided them lets say we are swimming in weapons :slight_smile: if you wanna check out the video here it is

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The raid starts at 4:40

Enjoyable video, was fun to watch :slight_smile:
PS: Subscribed - Looking forward for more videos

How the hell did you even get so much c4 before even having a fucking m4?

My favourite raid was against a group who had built a huge wooden base towering into the sky, and sorrounded it with dozens and dozens of pillars so people couldn’t build up.

So we, using a combination of pillars, stairs, and ceiling, finally got up to the top levels, fought our way down.

Total loot, split between 4 people:

25 C4.
6 M4s (2 fully moded, the rest at least partially)
3 shotguns (all fully modded)
nearly 1000 rifle ammo
nearly 500 shotgun shells
over 1000 pistol ammo (but we only took 750)
20 large medkits.
6 sets of C4.
a suppressor (Allowing us to blueprint it)
500 low quality metal.
40 explosives
Bunch of gunpowder (Not sure how much exactly)
500 food

We destroyed sleeping bags and doors, and eventually broke out of the front door using their own C4, rather than go back the way we came.
That way, what scraps we left, the hungry nakeds could eat.

It… messed up the server balance for a while.
Every naked ever had pistols.

if you watch episode 2 you see we get an airdrop and in that airdrop we got a supply signal. We got very very lucky :slight_smile:

wow yeah that’s extremly lucky

Holly hell!! I should rename to the second greatest raid :stuck_out_tongue:

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Holly hell!! I should rename this post to the second greatest raid :stuck_out_tongue:

I see that you turn up your gamma during night, am i the only person left not doing this? :confused:

not the greatest :slight_smile: shoulda been around when we raided rust dynasty back in august.

Very awesome video!

If you’re making YouTube videos you’re kind of obligated to do that. If you don’t your viewers can’t see anything (YouTube is horrible for lighting) and they get bored very quickly.


Tuna and rocks? seriously you two need to learn how to raid…you take everything you can that is vital to your survival. Then what you dont want you take out and throw to the ground! clear them out so that they aren’t a threat to your survival…