Green Cross in After Effects

How do I get rid of it? Whenever I drag an effect on a video, this fucker comes up.

Err… Wrong place to ask!
(I didn’t find any report button D:)

EHHH wrong, Screenshots AND movies.
Why is it that noone acknowledges the movies subforum?

Oh wait, you didn’t post the image, and I saw it now XD

For your information: You have a demo version… You need the full version of the effect pack in order to remove the green cross.

BUT! This had nothing to do with Gmod other than the video feed…
You need help with a program, not Gmod.

This has something to do with video as it is for a GMOD video, good sir.
also, fuck.
need the full version then.

No, It’s the EDITING PROGRAM! You are making a Video, but you need help with the PROGRAM, not Gmod.
It would be the same if you had taken a Real-life video, you still need help with the PROGRAM, not the video feed.

Isn’t that just so you can drag the effect around? I’m sure when you render it’ll dissapear.

wouldn’t this go in this forum?

I’ve used that effect before, it’s the demo… You need the full version…

That’s so fucking stupid… It’s close enough, it’s about movies so let it be.

Someone made a thread in screenshots section for people to post their creations with the hat maker. It got closed for wrong section, where the fuck does that go? It’s a thread of screenshots, it should have been fine. That thread had a lot of potential.

I do agree this thread should probably be in hardware & software section, but it’s not like he should be banned and locked for thinking movie help goes under movies…

Maybe he should have placed this in the video section, not the screenshot section?

Although it isn’t in the “Videos” sub forum, this is still called “Screenshots and Movies”. Also, this thread does not contain a video, so I think it fits better here than it does under “Videos”.

For your info, I was gonna ask a moderator to move the thread… But since there is no report button D:

Anyway… Still, The hat maker thingy is something you DO in Gmod, this is a problem with a program that has nothing to do with Gmod in the first place.
As I said, I’ve allready answered his question, so there is no use in arguing in the first place.