Green Day- Billie Joe

I have a model request for Billie Joe, of Green day. IF you search google you will find him. But heres a pic just in case:

I just want a model i can use for him. Pls. I know alot of people who want to use this.

No idea if you can see it lol, but i really want this to!


Edit: This post was originally made for this guy above me.

I highly doubt this can be done.

If i remember Jason tried to port models from both rock band and Guitar hero games, but all he got were the textures.

With the proper tools, Someone MIGHT be able to do it. but it’s a longshot.

but guess what? This guy is in Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, I can rip it easily but someone needs to rig it

It is also in “Green Day Rockband” Lol xD

Well, I did not know that.

My bad.