Green Hornet Double Dessert Eagle Model

Hello i was wondering is some one can make this model for me its from The Movie The Green Hornet.
Here is from the Movie

And here is a quick No collide + Photoshop.


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As close as possible would be good

the recoil would be powerful.

haha yea man double .50 caliber going off at the same time

Delicious dessert eagle.

In all seriousness your wrists would break firing this thing.

i my self will try this, hopefully with luck. im practicing on a colt .45

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i just finished making a double 1911, gonna test it out ingame before i go to bed. its 2:19 AM AHH Then Tomorrow, ill make a deagle. im not that experienced so i might need help. thats the first model i made in Milkshape

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UPDATE: I started with a colt 1911 as practice and this is how it turned out.

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I need to fix the Collision also

I just wonder how one mag can feed two barrels at once. I mean, miniguns can, but I’m not so sure about handguns.

Well, it depends on how the mag feeds into the barrels, it would require more parts,sort of like a complicated Y feeding.

He probably needed to design a custom made system for it. This idea sounds cool, since I saw the movie and it was nice.

Yea probably, but i didnt see the new movie yet, so dont tell me :smiley: i only watched the Old Tv shows with Bruce lee

I’m not gonna spoil it but I’m just gonna say that it was pretty awesome and funny. The double barreled pistol requested here is used by the main villain in the movie.

(Though it was pretty fucking inaccurate.)

Some Progress

Looks like something deadpool would pull out of his ass and shoot at wolverine.

I would totally shoot that.
…I would tie it to the ground first but I would shoot it.
And this is kinda funny, request thread fulfilled by the requester.

lol that is kinda awesome


almost done! just need help, i get an error trying to export from milkshape… Something about Verticies not rigged to bone or something? can someone help?

Alright I finished!!! i got rigging right :smiley: im not releasing it yet, however, because the collision is messed up. HERE SHE IS

I know, it’s fucking stupid to put it in the Requests section if HE’S making it, should be a WIP thread.

Re-read the thread.

He at first requested it.

I said that. If you know that you will probably end up making it yourself (as Facepunch isn’t exactly a super reliable place for Requests) then why make a request?

i didnt know i could make it. i just learned how to use milkshape the next day