Green Hornet Double Dessert Eagle Model

Ok so what started as a request ended up as my doing the model by myself on my own.

READ THIS> the collision model is a little messed up, so i might have to fix that or someone can.

If someone wants to make this a SWEP, by all means, GO for it, Just be sure to make it Really powerful!.

Looks like you took the KF handcannon and duplicated the head.

Psst. It’s “desert” as in that place with sand, not “dessert” as in something sweet you eat after dinner.

Mmmmm, dessert eagle.

Well, looks good, but may have some modifications.

I will never see the green hornet.

Nice gun dude

Whats wrong with the movie ?

i dont know but i think he hates the asian… can do anything but cant swim…Like me.

ahah a crap, i did that before already

I think its supposed to be a gag

It’s an awesome model but the idea of a Double barreled Desert Eagle is hilarious. :v:

But I will download. :slight_smile:

How do you know that? It’s the internet and you don’t know him in person.

I’d make a joke about compensating for something, but that’s just stating the obvious.

what the fuck ahahaha

Now make it Akimbo :slight_smile:

Give me a v_model and i’ll code it

i didnt make a view model, only W_model. Some one can if they want

It wasn’t called Dessert Eagle in the movie.

As a matter of fact, it was called simply a “two-barreled handgun”

How much recoil do you think it has?

And how do the bullets get in the chamber if the clip goes in the middle?

Using Clavus’ designer thingy. Really rough. Someone feel free to pick it up, put it on a better base or even just re-do it, it was just to spark some interest. I used a magazine to replace the Half Life one, added a bit of detail to it.

Like I said in the steam chat ace, looks pretty neat.