green pixel bug pls help!

so i just bought rust and everything runs smoothly except there is green dots/pixels all over my screen to the point that i cannot play ive tried all that i can think of and am in need of help pls help guys heres a example of what it looks like
i have a mid 2012 13 inch macbook pro

The problem is that you’re using a Mac.

Updated your Intel HD drivers lately, slapmybear?

Rust also doesn’t play very nicely with integrated graphics.

still not sure what to do ive updated my comp and the game runs smoothly except for the green dots someone ple help

Never seen this 1.

It’s definitely possible that the GPU is overheating during gameplay. Has this happened in any other game you’ve played, or during usage in general, the green pixel artifacting or any other types of strange distortions?

Install HWMonitor or some other temperature monitoring software for your mac. - I’m not 100% sure if this is compatible with Apple’s operating systems, but this is what I use for Windows based computers.

Generally your GPU/CPU is going to run extremely hot in a laptop anyways, but if the GPU, the Intel HD 4000, is pushing past 80C during gameplay I’d say you need to find a way to get those temperatures down. I’m not familiar with macbook pros though, so I couldn’t say exactly what normal operating temperatures would be for the CPU/GPU, maybe someone else can clarify that.

Another thing to try would be hooking up your laptop to an external monitor and seeing if the same thing happens, just to determine if it’s a problem with temperatures or the way the video card is seated on the motherboard, but I’m putting my money on the GPU overheating. The Intel HD 4000 or any other integrated GPU save the Iris Pro is definitely not going to be happy with most games.

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I’m using iMac 2011.
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