Green propbreaking?

I was in a rp server built a base several times and someone is turning all my props green then they all fall apart in a huge mess, has anyone come across this or know what this is?

The color tool and the physgun?

No, it turned all the props in the RP server green then unwelded/unfroze them

Who builds their own base in a roleplaying server? >_<.

Well I like to make bases on the roofs of downtown instead of buying a door, I guess that’s just me.

I do it myself.

BuildRP - I am a superadmin on the BSU buildrp, where you construct your one house etc.

Anyway: I believe that the “green” comes from the tool; smart-weld. It have a auto-radius select option. If you make it very very high, and it triggers. It “goes” on everyone’s prop in the radius.

The unfreezing might happen because the user have choosen to unfreeze after constrained(nocolide or weld) when using smart-weld.