Green scouting party encounters new hostiles


Reminds me of a Fan Fiction on FF.Net I read(Doesn’t have Army Men in it, but it has WH40k Miniatures and a lot of humor):

Great pose anyway.

thank you good sir :slight_smile:

Where i can download warhammer models?

Dunno about you but I get a boner whenever I see a new screenshot of yours.

Haha that’s awesome. It would be funnier if you put black discs under their feet for the full miniature effect.

I love the influx of army men poses. Makes me remember the video game and all of the times I played it as a kid.

thanks, i decided to kick it old school :3

Haha awesome man.

New kind of Green Horde joins the battlefield, now all those colour armies must join their forces.

Have i mentioned that i love you :3 ?

Angle is pretty poor and makes the picture look empty, the effects are used a little too much. Posing is good though, also it has no shadows.

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That makes it look dull.

thanks for the help