Green screen crashes

Lately Garry’s mod seems to cause these green screen crash, both my monitors go green and my computer restarts.
Now this used to be the issue back 2 months now it took up a notch
Now instead my two screens go green but my pc doesn’t reset instead my two monitors completely turn off and my pc looses connection from the two monitors, when I reset it only turns one monitor so when I check my AMD drivers they simply say
Your latest driver version is imcompatible with your system.
Now take this jn mind that they work fine, any other game works fine this only has happened with Garry’s mod and no other game. This forces me to completely delete the GPU drivers and re install them to be able to use two monitors.
My GPU is a 5700 xt gaming x
My cpu is a ryzen 7
I have aorund 650 watts of psu.
I’m playing on the chromium version of Garry’s mod the 64x
But this also happened before it switched to the chromium version.