Green Screen for idiots

I love how people create tutorials telling you to download a map for this.

You are 12.

in the end you can hear how low his voice is

dont jump to conclusions

ontopic; I didn’t understand anything else you said before the color tool part.

I lol’d heartily


What he said was,

something something CHROMA KEEEEEEEEEY something CHROMA KEEEEY eh GREENSCREEN MAKE UR GREENSCREEN something something fart noise eh GO TO THE SECRET ROOM weird deep mumbling eh the room is white we take out the color tool and we turn it to GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEN eh blah eh blah eh WE GOT A GREENSCREEN YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY WE GONNA MAKE SUM MOVIES!!!@

The lightning in this area is shitty as hell, also try to put a building or something like that into this little room.

Better take a custom map for chroma keying.

You’re trying way too hard.

Why are people taking this seriously, this is obviously a parody on other stupid tutorials telling you to do the same thing


this wins

Really? I didn’t realise.

Ahaha that was hilariously true.


It needed more derping though.

Great tutorial, I can see myself using this in future videos.


I fucking hate these coming and making shit like this. I’m in a serious mood today.

You mad?