Green Shift - A gamemode based on Brink, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and a few ideas of my own.


Hey there! Thanks for checking out the thread. The first iteration of the gamemode was based on Brink, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and a few ideas of my own.
The second iteration of it will be mostly based on games like Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, ArmA 2 and, once again, a few ideas of my own.

- 2 teams:
- Rebels
- Combine

- 4 classes:
	- Recon
	- Engineer
	- Assault
	- Medic
- 30 weapons all of which are customizable in one way or another without the use of multiple viewmodels (!):
	- 4 aim-assisting attachments
	- M203 underslung grenade launcher
	- silencer/suppressor or whatever it's called
            - Vertical grips
            - Beta C-magazines
	- The weapons use my "Customizable Weaponry" as a base
- Climbing system
- Personal Attributes - perks which have both an advantage and a disadvantage
    - Levels and Unlockables - eliminate enemies, help out team mates, complete objectives, level up and spend the skill points on 20 skills!
- Ammo types (magnum, hollow-point, armor-piercing and slug ammo types)
- Game types:
	- Search and Eliminate
	- Communications sabotage
	- Supply Depot
	- Team deathmatch**

Right. Now you’re most probably thinking “what do the attachments do?” or “what do classes do?”.

- Recon:
* Role - infiltrate (main)/assassinate/hit and run/weaken.
* Has access to pistols and light SMGs.
* Fastest movement speed.
* Has full access to climbing system.
* Can become invisible (not completely) for 20 seconds. Moving around causes cloak to drain faster
* Special item - knife. Backstab = instant kill, frontal assault = 15 damage points. 1 second delay between knife attacks.
* 80HP.
* 40AP.
* Starts out with 1 med kit.

- Engineer:
	* Role - support (main)/infiltrate.
	* Has access to pistols, SMGs and shotguns.
	* Fast movement speed.
	* Has near-full access to climbing system.
	* Special item - armor vest. Can repair teammates' armor.
	* 85HP.
	* 85AP.
	* Starts out with 1 med kit.
	* Starts out with 4 armor vests
- Assault:
	* Role - push (main)/support.
	* Has access to all weapons.
	* Medium movement speed.
	* Has limited access to climbing system.
	* Special item - ammo kit. Can resupply teammates' ammo.
	* 100HP.
	* 50AP.
	* Starts out with 1 med kit.
	* Starts out with 4 ammo kits
- Medic:
	* Role - support (main)/push.
	* Has access to pistols, SMGs, ARs.
	* Medium movement speed.
	* Has limited access to climbing system.
	* Special item - med kits. Can give med kits to teammates or use them himself. 1 med kit restores in 7 seconds
	* 110HP.
	* 55AP.
	* Starts out with 5 med kits.

Movement system:
Full access:
* Wall run 3 times
* Grab onto stuff
* Pull self up
* Shimmy
* Wall-jump

Near-full access:
	* Wall run 2 times
	* Grab onto stuff
	* Pull self up
	* Shimmy

Limited access:
	* Wall run 1 time
	* Grab onto stuff
	* Pull self up**


I could go on and on, but the OP would be incredibly long because of that, so let’s leave it the way it is right now.

- Smith&Wesson Model 627
- Colt M1911
- Glock-18
- Makarov Pistol
- Beretta M92FS

Light SMGs:
	- Skorpion vz. 61
	- Steyr MP7
            - TDI Vector

	- PP-19 Bizon
	- P90
	- H&K M416
	- M16A4
	- G36C
	- Steyr AUG A3
	- SIG SG 552
	- SIG SG 551
	- SR-3M "Vikhr"
            - M4A1
            - LR300
            - AK-74U
	- M14 EBR
	- G3A3
	- M249 PARA
	- ARES Shrike 5.56
	- M3 Super 90
	- M4 Super 90
            - Franchi SPAS-12

And now, the FAQ that may or may not answer your questions.

**Q: Will you release the gamemode or will it be a private gamemode?

A: Of course I’ll release it! If it were a private gamemode, I wouldn’t be making this thread!

Q: How close is the climbing system to Brink?

A: Well, it’s not exactly like in Brink, but it does let you climb into various places, and it is incredibly useful.
The controls are easy as well, all you have to do is to walk up to a wall and hold down your JUMP KEY and your forward key simultaneously.
There are a couple more of tricks, such as, sprinting next to a wall that’s to your left/right, jumping, holding down the directional key (A/D) accordingly and holding down your JUMP KEY.

Q: What do the attachments do and how do they work? (lolpun)

A: Each attachment improves something while worsening something else.
For example, if you get yourself an assault rifle or a battle rifle and put an ACOG scope on it, your accuracy will increase by a lot, but you won’t be able to see your crosshair and your hip-fire accuracy will decrease by 60%.
Each attachment is a trade-off, so, think before you equip the desired attachment: are you a CQC player or a sniper? Equip the attachment accordingly.

Q: What do the ammo types do?

A: Just like the attachments. Improves one thing, worsens some other thing.
For example, magnum ammo. Deals 120% damage, but increases recoil to 125%.

Q: How many weapons can I carry at once?

A: You can carry 2 weapons. Your primary weapon (Light SMG/SMG/AR/BR/LMG/Shotgun) and your secondary weapon (Pistols).

Q: Can I playtest the gamemode?

A: Sure! Go to the server browser and search for a server called “LEETNOOB’s Server”.
Alternatively, you can just copy-paste the IP, which is:
The server is located in Lithuania, Europe.
If you can’t find the server, it means that it’s offline.


This is a not-so-serious video, but it does show some of the gameplay.

Here’s another video, it was a 3v3 match in the “Communications Sabotage” game type.


Another not-so-serious video.


9 Minutes of Green Shift gameplay.


Kogitsune - Lua help, suggestions, playtester
Don Carmine - gamemode title, suggestions, playtester
>:3 - playtester, suggestions
Newb (aka loled) - playtester, suggestions
CmdrSF - playtester
Wobin Ralker (aka Robse) - playtester
Beggor - playtester
[BCC] John Greene (aka Evil-Muffin) - playtester
James Bloodfield - playtester
RaVeN X - playtester, kept on yelling “this is OP”, example: 13:22 - RaVeN X: but this is op!!!
Osama bin Wintows (aka Vimto) - playtester, various Lua help here and there, accusing me of stealing his gamemode ideas

Potential OP.

Joining nao :buddy:

… Which Extra Customizable Weaponry Pack? There was like four and they all said they were outdated and pointed towards a file that isn’t available.

Awesome, thanks! I’ll check it out once I’m free.

The gamemode is pretty fun, though the gun sounds can be heard from anywhere in the map which is annoying.

Is there a world view of the wall climb and the other movements or just client ??

This just looks like a equipment menu and some addons.

Sorry to be blunt but prove me wrong.

“I judge a book by it’s cover.” Great job.

How about you first get a better point of view and only then make your judgement?

Join his server sometime and actually play it. There’s a lot more going on than just a weapon pack and a derma menu.

your wrong

Gamemode’s progressing well and really quickly. I’ve created a round system for the “Search and Eliminate” game type.


Looks quite nice. You should differentiate the classes a little more can give them proper specialized roles rather than all assaulting/infiltrating.

Looks nice.
Will the climbing/hud be available as an alternative addon?

Not sure, I might release it.

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That’s what they do. Medics give medkits to other players, Assaults resupply others’ ammo, Engineers repair others’ armor.

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Here’s a gameplay video.

It’s not exactly a serious video, but, still, gives you an idea of the gameplay. Well, maybe not exactly. You didn’t see what’s it like as a medic/engineer.

I practically shat bricks when you were recon, and for some odd reason I KEPT MISSING YOU WHEN SHOOTING, hence shooting your body when I killed you.

:confused: Didn’t make it into the server yesterday. If you bring it up today, will you let us know?

You could add the server to your favorites and whenever is goes up it’ll appear.

It is in my favorites - I just don’t keep Gmod up all day… I also don’t keep FP all day, crap :confused: