As the title says Greetings my name is 47 I’ve played off and on since Legacy for various reasons

and you may ask why are you making a forum account now? and the answer to that is rather simple and its one of the reasons that I’ve played on and off since Rust was put up on Steam for EA (Early Access) all those years ago…You guys (the Dev’s) take one to two steps forward and that’s good…But then you do a 180 and take a step or two back…and that’s bad mkay?

You add new features and weapons and fix things that have needed fixing for a while and then you listen to the kids of this community (looks like a duck quack’s like a duck) that cry and want this game to be EZ mode for them and pardon my language here Fuck things up for the rest of the community and that’s something that I still DONT get and nor understand and if what I’ve been reading on reddit is true were about to leave EA rather soon…This is an issue

So without any further adieu allow me to touch on the recent 'Nerf’s to things that the kiddo’s of this community have cried and griped about

High External Stone wall’s

They were admittedly slightly OP 8 C4 seems kind of steep but the drop from 8 to what is it now 3? seems rather drastic and even at 2000 hp the group I played with on the Dark Ages server (Medieval server aka NO C4) we went through High External stone walls (Wall’s meaning more than one) and it took us 15-17 minutes per wall SBF (Super Best Friends) had 4 sets of high External Stone Walls around their new base…we kinda raided the last one…And their new one they had and the thing is we only had 5 people hitting the wall with pickaxes…no explosives I’ve seen 20+ member clans on servers there is NO excuse to jump on your high horse and come cry to the Devs about OP Stone walls when your packing 5+ members god fucking forbid you have 20+ like I’ve seen on servers like Bloodbane

I’ve got a quick question DO you hate rubber banding? because This is whats going to happen
A. players will go to a server with no decay and throw up 15+ sets of walls making the server lag and rubber band more and you will still have the problem of kiddo’s screaming OOOOOOP!..Garry PLLLLLLSSSS NERF!!!
B. Players will throw up 3-5 sets of Armored walls doubles stacked 2 high increasing the entity count and the server rubber banding

And Maybe this ‘Nerf’ is ok for vanilla servers where it’s hard for players to obtain C4 or Rockets but have you the Dev team even thought about x2 servers? or x3 or x10 servers with instant craft…I doubt you did I joined a server yesterday (Rustros x3 instant craft) built a small base and joined a player who was building a PvP arena and Why was he doing this because quoting him here “I’ve got too much shit” I asked to see it and this server stacks x40 on C4 and Rockets he had 3 Large wooden boxes…ALL filled with C4 that’s not counting the other 2 that had Rockets and Rocket launchers OR his actual gun boxes OR His MAT’s boxes where he could make another 250+ C4 EEEZ he and his 3 man group could already walk through the bases on the server with ease and this is 6 days into the wipe cycle now he can walk about throwing C4 on bases like its mother fucking candy…AND I’d bet money that he isn’t the only one on a times 3 server that can do it

Sgtteddybear5 said it best “High external walls were fine the way they were. Raiding shouldn’t be a walk in the park.”

but now even if you have spent the time and effort into putting up 5 sets of Stone walls around your base to defend it all someone needs is 15 c4 and they are at your front door and then its 2 c4 per door…blowing through a Stone Wall should take no less than 6 C4 Charges 3 charges for a Wooden wall end of that cool story

Face Mask’s “Nerf”

Why put something in game when the community ask’s for protection from being easily headshot and then nerf it? and not not even adjust the cost to make the item to reflect the reduced protection and here’s the funny thing 1v1 or 2v1 you could still lose even with a face mask

I don’t think the game devs should consider modded servers when proceeding with balance changes. That sort of defeats the purpose.
I haven’t played enough since the last patch to truly comment on your rant. Great first post! quoting sgtteddybear5 and all. great post!

If you read the dev updates you would see why. Yes the hp of the high stone is low but you cant pickaxe them now. You need C4 or rockets to take down a high wall.
And they are testing this… Again if you read the dev updates it can go up or down so chill your rage

Honestly, the developers should only care about vanilla, especially when it comes to balances, because vanilla rust is the game they’re developing, modded servers are simply a modified version of the game they created so they shouldn’t care about them when making changes. Server owners could easily mod the walls back to there previous stats or give them a health buff. I’m sure if you look on oxide there will be a mod specifically to change the values of external walls within the next few days.

And as raz said, they’re just testing it. At the moment everyone’s freaking out about the nerf or as some people call it a buff. So we may see another change to them soon.

I do agree that the nerf was maybe a little to much so, I reckon 4 c4 would have been perfect to be honest. But we’ll see how it changes things.