"Gregoryfield 3.141592" (or "Agent Aboy is going to punish your eyes using the soap-launchers")

4 mb of pure and genuine soap.


This is cool, though I thought Father Gregory had died in your last post.


His arm is on fire and he doesn’t care.

You think shit leaking out of his neck and no head would stop Gregory?

You are mistaken sir.


pleasantly surprised.

I’d buy that game.

I would have put a lighter weapon, but he can, he is Gregory!
But despite this small detail I like the posing and the effects on this screen. Good job.

Most… Not… Make… CoD reference…

You think that’ll stop Grigory?


My life shatters every time I realize this isn’t a real game or movie.

Grigory never dies, he just goes missing in action.

Is he walking with the speed of light?