Greg's Story - A Garry's Mod Biography

Oh I get it… Save the Polar Bears of course.

I liked it.

I liked it very good work! and Kefka123 also liked it lol. He said he’ll post when he can. :slight_smile:

Nice and Calming.
Worth the watch.

Nice and calm, I liked it. Thanks for making it.

I don’t get it

But it was well made.

haha yeah you’re not supposed to get it…

UPDATE: My youtube account was recently hacked and whoever did it deleted all my vids. but good thing i had them all backed up. I updated the link in the OP for the re-uploaded vid.

Did you have to bump all of your fucking videos, NO ONE CARES all you done is filled this page with old videos.

i care, these are good and… well just really nice videos, theres something about them thats soothing and calm not like most gmod videos. im glad you bumbed these. im gonna subscribe.