Grenade hands minus grenade

Hi all. I’ve got a simple, fun SWEP idea but I’ll need a model for it… or to be exact, a slight alteration to an existing model. The HL2 grenade’s view model is the closest to what I’m after; I need that model, without a grenade in it, and ideally with the fingers spread out a bit more and the palm turned upwards a little, like the hand’s holding something slightly larger than a grapefruit. The “idle” animation is probably the only one that needs changing; the throw moves quickly enough that the difference in holding styles should be unnoticeable. Also—I don’t know what the hand’s bone structure is like; if there’s not already an attachment point on it where the grenade would be, that’d be a useful addition. I’d really appreciate it if someone could whip this up for me, and of course credit you for the model in the SWEP release.

What if I just open up the hand on the v_bugbait a little?

Oh yeah, didn’t think of that. That’d totally work. Thanks.

I just replaced the bugbait to test it, but the version here is not a replacement.
I removed the bugbait, and opened the hand in all the animations.

You can attach the thing he’s going to hold to the bone: valvebiped.cube3

Nice. That looks a lot like what I’m after. Could you make the palm face upwards a bit more?