Grenade--High-Res or No?

ALright This is just a Test for you all you just Leave meh coments if i should pump up the graphics or no. Thanks

(Ya i know its Gm_Construct but its just a test so dont even bother me with that.)

New Angles. Sorr for Edit.

Awesome posing

I can’t actually see any detail on the grenade. You should have taken the picture with the sun shining on the side of the model we can actually see.

And what is this a test of? A grenade skin? Then post it in the models/skins section.

Love the editing, man!

Alright Thanks. And No As in my title, its a test for if i should pump the grapics a bit or they should just stay. (Is just a regular grenade :P)


Haha… sarcasm? Anyway… No Editing.

… can’t really tell if the graphics need to be turned up or not because there’s nothing to look at. You probably need to turn up your anti-aliasing.

If you Need me to, i can take it from a side angle? and i beleive my anit-alising is at either the max or 4X.

Ya its at Max. Sorry Double Edit.