Grenade holdtype

Hey, I’m making a grenade and want the player to hold it like he would hold the half life 2 frag grenade.

Here’s what I have : [lua]
function SWEP:Initialize()
if (CLIENT) then return end

end [/lua]

The player still acts like he’s holding a pistol and the grenade is in his crotch. Anybody knows how to do it properly?

edit : Actually the model I was using was able to use the frag grenade holdtype but not the “grenade” holdtype. It appears they’re slightly different. Anyone knows how to use the frag one?

It’s whatever the crowbar holdtype is, I think. If it’s still in your crotch, just have no world model, parent a grenade model to the player’s hand, and delete it when he throws and set his holdtype to the one where your hands are by your sides.

I got the crotch model covered, and I don’t absolutely need the other part but I just found it weird that even tough the frag grenade and “grenade” holdtype weapons use the same holdtype, they are animated slightly differently. Some models can use the frag grenade properly but not the “grenade” holdtype.

It’s case sensitive.

Try Grenade?

No it is not case sensitive. I usually use “grenade” myself for that hold type and it has worked fine.