Grenade)I do need Help with lua a little)

I don’t know if you guys heard of Baddog’s pokeballs which are pokeballs thrown and turn into the half life 2 monsters in 3 seconds after thrown. I think I’ll use his base and edit from that, I don’t need a specific model. I need like those controlled by you grenades from gta vice city like. You throw a grenade, then you hold this like thing with an antenna and you press the attack buttion then the grenade you threw will explode. So I’m making this for my gmod series. I need to make it like this: Left click to throw the grenade, and right click to make the grenade explode, but after I throw the grenade. The hands switch to the antenna device thing. This is my first time doing something like this, so don’t yell at me. I am not experienced at all with lua coding, but I can definitely read a lot of from Baddog’s pokeball lua stuff. I’m currently editing off with crow and I’ll give credit to him, so don’t worry. I need a code which is like the above rules, I don’t want to great of an explosion, just like 10 dynamites power. I found this in the lua coding section and I’m wondering where do you set the key, I mean so like it doesn’t know secondary button right? Where do I type the function. You see, just help me a bit and I’m fine even a long way to go. Just give me some help please.

icon.OnMousePressed = function( MOUSE_RIGHT )