Grenade Launcher

Does anyone know where you can get a working grenade launcher? i’ve tried this dozens of times and its never showing up anywhere. Unless someone can make it, that’d be great!

This works-

And right now I’m actually making a custom grenade launcher (with custom model + grenades) based off the RPG 7 SWEP- Should be done in a month or two…

Well, i made dod grenade launchers, like the Kar98K grenade launcher and the m1 garand grenade launcher, but i havnt released it, i guess that frag grenade laucnehr will have to do XD

But what I’m trying to find is like a real looking grenade launcher, like the one from TF2 but a real looking one, thanks for the comments also, i don’t have DOD also. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like an m79?

no like an mgl-140. i want a grenade launcher not a missle or rocket

It’d be super if that had a matching view model.

Have any objections to the Fortress Forever grenade launcher being used as the view model?

Although from poking around on, there’s this:

Fortress Forever SWEPs

Which has a grenade launcher in it, although I am unaware of it’s quality since I haven’t downloaded it yet to see, nor if it still works.

If that doesn’t do quite what you want, I’ll take a crack at this.

I can try and make one off of the stuff provided in the link you posted in your first post.


That something like what you want?

Is that thing auto-homing?

If you’ve played Soldier of Fortune II and used the grenades on the OICW, that’s what it is.

It suggests two angles: a direct shot and a mortar shot. Both suggested angles will reach whatever you marked - it might not be exact since the aiming isn’t easy on the mortar, and gravity has some effect, but for the most part it’s quite accurate.

It’s not quite homing since they only move in an arc, but it tells you exactly what angle to aim at - inside the boxes is virtually always a direct hit or a very near miss.

Is that thing downloadable for GMod?

You can try it here:


Let me know if the link doesn’t work or something’s missing.

Link works.

Great gun. haven’t tried it yet but i will. thanks for replies. :]