Grenade Pack

Here are some useful grenades for roleplaying and crap. most of the bugs have been sorted out, with the exception of grenades kills don’t go to you. ( i do not know how to fix this parenting kill count thingy ) And of course it is Admin only, but this is easily changeable!

The Tear Gas Grenade:
Tear Gas Canisters are mainly used for riot control, great for roleplaying in hostile situations! Just throw the grenade into a room with a suspect, and wait until the tear gas drives him out of the enclosure. If you want to eliminate a suspect, but you have no other weapons, just throw 2 grenades inside the room and wait until he suffocates on tear gas! Total damage that can be dealt is something around 52 under constant contact!

The XM221 Cluster Grenade:
I chose to use AlfieR original grenade base, but it had some major flaws that kept it from being used in regular roleplaying servers. The first step to make it more realistic was changing the amount of grenades being spawned. Then I changed the timer sounds and added a different model. (CS:S Flashbang Model) Then to top it off, i removed the unlimited ammo.

C4 Explosive:
Mainly based off of Jihad bomb. I just tweaked it. My friend requested this. xD

The Explosive Grenade:
This grenade is mainly from Worshipper’s Real CS:S V4 addon, but removed the smoke effect and other crap I cannot remember. xD

Worshipper -Explosive Grenade Basic Lua
Dr. X -Beta Tester
StandAlone -Menu Spawn Icon/ Portion of Lua
Gene 3 -Beta Tester
ArmadaIV -Most of Lua / At Least 80% of Entity / Notes / Compiling of Weapon
AlfieR -Cluster Grenade Basic Lua
Reaper -Beta Tester
Valve -Models / Sounds / Materials

You have My permission to use this in your own server as long as you do not tamper file the Entity Folder and the contents inside of it.


Bases: Cluster Grenade Real CS:S V4 ADDON

video please than we’ll think about it

Well, I tried it out, It sucks penis…

No special Effects

All of this has been seen before

Not even the tear gas is pretty to the eye, it is the smoke grenade from C-Strike, just without the smoke…

After I tried this, I deleted it.

That’s just my opinion.

But hey, your on the right track, just make some special effects, then it would be a beautiful swep.