Grenade Package

OK, so I know there are grenade packs out there, but i haven’t seen any with some of these things in them:

1.HE grenade
2.Smoke Grenade
3.Flash bang(not just a flash, also a deafening noise)
and heres where they start to get different
4.Incendiary grenade(does medium explosion damage, but catches fire to everything in a 15 foot radius)
5.Fire Bomb(no explosion damage, catches fire to everything in a 30 foot radius)
6.Frag grenade(do light instant dmg, and do 5hp/second to everything in a 30 foot radius for 10 seconds)
7.Electrical(EMP) Grenade(only affects robotic/electrical npcs)
8.Tear gas grenade(blurs vision and does slight damage to anyone who ges in contact with the gas)
9.Wave grenade(sends out a giant sound wave that pushes anything around it but does no damage)
and the ultra nade
10.ADMIN(UBER)NADE(a compilitaion/combination of all of the other grenades :), if thats possible)

I know thats a lot, but im in no rush. Whoever can do this, or find a nade pack with all of these in them,would be gratefully appreciated.

i second this

I’ve already done this, but I’m NOT releasing it.
I released a pack with only the flashbang, and someone stole it, claimed complete credit, and I got PISSED. Currently, I’m only using it personally.

how about u send it to me, I wont claim or post it anywhere. Please :).

thank sillirion, but this package was mainly focused on the last 7.

I’d really like to see this done, and im sure others would to, if that counts for anything.

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