How do I start to make a grenade in Gmod? A lua template or a link to a tutorial would be helpful, thanks!

give weapon_grenade?

umm…I don’t think so

this is going to be a swep by the way.

Is it the same as making a gun or is it a completely different format? has a weapon_frag base, based exactly on the Source SDK code for the grenade. The SWEP Bases Project was designed for this type of thing. It allows you to create a unique grenade in just seconds.

What other grenades are you gonna make? We already have flechette grenade, incendiary grenade, HE grenade, flash bang, smoke grenade, and the cool hl2 grenade. I’m not saying you can’t make another…but what other are you gonna make?

Doesn’t really matter what he’s going to make.

Well said.

Do what he said.

Also: the basics behind a grenade SWEP are retardedly-easy:

1.) Make a SENT, explode it on a timer.
2.) Make a SWEP to launch the SENT you made.