Grenades not working "bad argument "SetAngles" (got Vector)"

I haven’t played garry’s mod in a while and when I came back things like Worshipper’s realistic CSS pack grenades, aerial strike and pretty much all addons that propel an entity throw the error:

“bad argument “SetAngles” (got Vector)”.

I assume an update broke the code, anyone know how to fix???

EDIT: when the error shows up The hand model/ gun model used disappears and I cant see the effects or the grenade/projectile

I think this has been mentioned in similar posts, but here goes:

Go to Program Files\Steam\steamapps"steamnamehere"\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons. Find the folder for the pack in question. Open the lua folder for the pack in question and find the folder for normal grenades.
You have to open the shared.lua file in notepad or a similar text editor. BACK THE FILE UP INCASE YOU SOMEHOW MESS UP.

After opening the file, press ctrl+F to open the search for word option. Search for ent:SetAngles. There should be two cases of said term and where it says “(Vector(” after each you change to “(Angle(”. Save and try the grenade in GMOD. It should work and you have to do this for all three grenade types.

Thankyou so much! Worked perfectly!

Everyone getting these errors… They will stop with next update because Garry has ‘patched’ the problem, Making SetAngles and SetVector interchangeable