Grenades Useless?

Grenades are almost always useless in battle as they don’t do enough damage to kill someone unless they are perfectly below your feet. The only reason that grenades are in the game is because they can be used to bust down doors if you have a lot of them. I think that grenades need a good buff. I made a video explaining the issues so check that out if you’re interested but grenades need a buff ASAP.

yes good video. they should do more damage/have more splash. any kind of buff.

I think everyone agrees that grenades are terrible. Easily the worst weapon in the game.

I dont think, in the 8 months of playing this game, have i ever, thrown a grenade at someone. I’ve only ever used it a breaching tool to blow up doors.

I use it against people pretty frequently. They need to do a little more damage and have a bigger radius.

I think just more damage against just players would be fitting. When you buff them for destroying walls and such as well then you could risk making them more efficient (material wise) for breaking into houses than C4.

I also think it costs too much.

How many grenades does it take to blow up storage boxes, a furnace or benches? Also If you throw them at metal bars is there a chance that it would fit between them?

C4 is a weapon but no one uses it like that and i have killed around 20 people with grenades because you can roll them under doorways. C4 for worst weapon its more a damn tool then anything else.

Strong grenade, interesting.

Greandes should be good for killing people in a large radius not so much building destruction. The last thing we need it more explosives.

Grenades are great for throwing into windows to blow up storage crates or killing someone in that room. Additionally, you can use them to flush someone out of a rocky area/nook that they are hiding in.

The cost is well balanced, they just need to be more effective.

Yes, this does work. It’s possible to get grenades past metal window bars.

I use them for crowd control and tactical advantages such as scaring enemies away from a door I just blew up. They are too expensive though, and I rarely make them unless I have way too many materials.

I tried it but it doesnt work too well. The grenades are too weak.

Even if they just add bleed. These are frag grenades i belive and thats really what is the spear head here. The explosion just propels the schrapel 25m even