Grenades worth it?

Hi there,

im just trying to fined out what the exact numbers grenades are putting out.
tying to see if its worth putting aside the gunpowder and fragments for them, rather then just making c4

i have been doing a few test my self but i think asking every one here would help a lot more.

i want to know how large the blast radius is, and how much damage they do.

from what iv seen it takes 3 of them to kill a guy in kevlar, and zombies dont seem fazed by them.

thanks in advance.

ps any tips and tricks with them would be nice to know too.

They don’t seem worth it to me. I’ve tried them a few times, and they dont seem to achieve anything. I very very rarely see anyone else making them.

As an anti-personel device, they are pretty ineffective. I think in part this is because many encounters in rust are in very open environments, and people can easily evade grenades. If you got into a running battle down a tight corridor in somes huge fort, then maybe they would work, but how often does that happen?

As a anti-fortification device, I would still take C4 - more effective for less resources. It took me 9 grenades to destroy a test wall (tested it once, did not repeat). Sometimes them seemed to stick to the wall, other time them seemed to drop in front of it. Anyway, kind of useless at this too.

Could be interesting the in the future as the business end of an improvised trap, but right now, not worth the effort.

true i think so to, though they seem to be the only alternative to c4, in high density servers its the only way some ppl can raid, as air drops = suicide for the none clanning individual.

I can say grenades may be a good idea if someone with a shotgun is hiding in a little cubby hole in the mountains and you REALLY want to evict him.

Had a guy do this to me but I had enough room to get away from the grenade. I suppose he had no idea if i had a shotgun or not (I didn’t) so he threw a grenade in a hole he thought i hid in. I just toughed it out and stayed hidden. He eventually moved off and didnt want to chance it xD.

The only time I’ve seen them used in a way that seemed interesting was a video I was watching where as part of a raid, the raiders were tossing grenades into a part of the base that lacked ceilings.

I find them useful for tricking people into thinking they’re getting hit with c4. Tossed a couple of them at a building and the people inside ran out and started fighting us since they thought their walls were getting blown out. Beyond that they are trash. I wouldn’t waste resources to make them.

one time there was a guy who was inside his house, kept opening and closing his door. we where in a fight a sec ago so he knew I was there. I hucked a nade at him when he opend the door (had it ready to fly) and it went in his door as he closed it.

It exploded.

did not seem to damage him =(.

the nades damage is probably fine, but the blast area needs to be larger… and I would love the model to be replaced by pipe bombs.

I use them as a way to break down wooden walls since its been cheaper for me to make than the C4 themselves.

I always have 5 on me…when I raid a house I will bust the wall and toss some in for kicks if I know someone is in there. Then fire some shots and throw the rest…cant hurt =)

they work really well honestly, just have to use them in proper situations, raiding house or defending when the place is at a choke etc