As it stands right now, grenades are way too overpowered. They are cheaper to make then C4 and way more efficient for raiding. I feel as if the destruction of buildings/doors via grenades should be removed and they should simply be for flushing out players.

It takes 9 grenades to destroy a wooden wall… You can damn near blow up a 1 story house with 9 grenades in real life.

True but I think these needs to be a fine line between real life and a game, being able to make 100 grenades in 10 minutes between the 6 of my friends and raiding 5-6 different houses with ease is too much.

Actually not true Grenades tend to be fragmentation as in they would pot hole a house but would not destroy it although a Grenade fuse would be much harder to create than a fuse for C4 so the cost is to low in respect of time/resources. (ie 9v battery and a crude timing mechanism for C4 but you need a detonation coil for a grenade and some very careful calculations) although in a confined space grenades would have the ability to cause more significant damage to structures as the blast of the explosives themselves becomes a large cause of pressure which would from the idea of “posting” the grenades would blow out wooden walls but not from an external fragmentation perspective. if we are going to go for “realism” a standard HE grenade has a blast radius of up to 190 meters and a kill radius of 5 meters for a protected (Kevlar) person and 15-20 meters for an unprotected person. so in theory throwing grenades into a wooden house could kill you up to approximately 100 meters away if you were not behind “solid Cover” or could kill you up to 190 meters away if on open ground…

long and short story of it is that Grenades are much more dangerous in real life than they are in game and if you wish to replicate the Exact blast of a grenade then you need to take into account the danger to the user as well as those it’s used against so Yes grenades are Overpowered as they do not pose a risk to the user as they should… OR they should be lowered in damage to represent the area of effect demonstrated in game.

(most houses are made of stone/brick and so 9 grenades would not destroy this otherwise there would be a LOT of dead soldiers on training ranges that use Brick walls as protection from Grenade fragmentation since in one training range Dozens of grenades are used)