Greppel (W.I.P.)

I’ve been working on (one of) Oskutin’s (many) Jorpakko map(s).

So I’ve been working on a modern approach on his map.

eventually I will convert it to a semi-futuristic train station/city. (think neo-tokyo)

But first I will do some rebuilding on the train wreck of a metro station :v:.

Here are some things I’ve made already

Full metro station:




Youtube vid:

Concepts for the future:

Public terminals
Fully automated food stores.


That station needs more adverts and seats.
Maybe a vending machine too?

This looks pretty nice. I hope you finish it.

The shops are going to act like vending machines. And yes there is a lack of seats atm.

I’m on it.

Prehaps you could add some overhead wire’s or an electrified rail to the tracks, since there aren’t any diesel-powered subway systems in the world.

Are you going to make an automated train? Would it be good for machinima?

It looks nice so far, I might use it.

Well it depends on if I want a full thrown map.
Or just this station.
I can make a button for a train to arrive and leave.

Nice start.

Whilst you’re at this point, do both. Make it nice and clean and another version which is sort-of dirty with the suggestion you put. Then after that, make a full thrown map :v:

Anything new?

Not at the moment,

blame portal 2

I finished it though so work should be continued shortly.



Tracks everywhere.

Tracks where there shouldn’t even be tracks.


i always wondered what came out of those things

Bag of macaroni :v:

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Any progress?

So here is some (slight progress). I got delayed a bit due Portal 2, Supreme commander 1 and some other games I got from friends.

Is that a usable urban tramway?

Perhaps if the map is going to be big enough for a tram I might cough up one. But at the moment its just as a decal.

Should make it fit thoes PHX train parts so people can make there own trams.

Oh ehr… yeah well like with the tram I’ll look in to that once the map is actualy big. At the moment its more eyecandy that I’m aiming for.