Grey Borders On Decals?

This is a bit odd to me. I’ve been trying to make a few decals but the edges all have this grey border. In photoshop it is not there however in game it shows up. At first I thought that it was an issue with the alpha channel so I expanded its selection to include where that 1 pixel border would be. It still does not work.

Any ideas?

Perhaps it is a .vmt error?

Maybe, but in what way?

Here’s the .vmt I’m using:

	"$basetexture" "letters/T"
	$decal		1
	$decalscale	0.1
	$translucent	1

What does your alpha layer look like in the .tga?

Appears to be something related to the sampling, use mat_filtertextures 0 and see if it’s gone.

I’ll give that a go.

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Here’s the alpha:

There’s a border around that image.

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is the RGB channels fully black?
If its a black T surrounded by white, the white will bleed over a bit into the unmasked bits.

In Photoshop it’s black on transparent.

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Which image? And if it’s the alpha; Do you mean the very outer edge or the edge of the letter?

Change the shader from Lightmappedgeneric to Decal.
Disregard the phrase above, it’s not a valid shader

That isn’t a shader is it?

Just checked, it isn’t, so disregard my stupidity.
I almost thought for a moment it existed until I checked my .vmts :v:

Post the VTF please