Grey Fox from Metal Gear Solid

I ripped Ninja Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2 Substinence with a Grey Fox skin applied. I want it T-posed and ported to the source engine as a ragdoll.
The Model in .obj format
The Texture in several formats
and the the original .obj rip

Picture for reference

Have to admit…it’s hard to go wrong with cyborg ninjas.

i Second This

Whoa, he looks cool.

could be good.
Oh wait it’s the MGS2 Raiden…

What’s wrong with that?

Raiden’s kind of the scrappy character of the series in some people’s eyes. Not that it would matter since it would look like Grey Fox from the first MGS anyway if that pic’s accurate.

That’s Why.
he was a pussyfoot in the 2nd one.
Then they made him epic in 4.

With the skin, he looks like Grey fox at the end of Twin Snakes when his mask is open.

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Calm down silly one.

Should I also give out the original Ninja Raiden skin?

I don’t suppose you ripped the Dead Cell members…? They and Raiden would be pretty cool in Gmod.

I never thought of that but I guess I could, but someone would still have to make them ragdolls for gmod.

If you port more you could even post this in the Main section saying your porting the models and only require a Rigger, there you would get alot more attention IMO.

you should port solidious :smiley:

So far I have Grey Fox, Raiden, Fatman, and Ocelot.

Hey as you ripped raiden from mgs 2, could you rip russian soldiers? :stuck_out_tongue:

ya :smiley: