Grid is gone! :'(

The grid in Hammer is gone, any idea how to fix this?

EP2 needs to be run under the 2009 engine,

Read through all of this thread:

Didnt know it was an update, but thx!


Configure ep2 in the source engine 2009.
Change the engint to source engine 2009 and press edit game configuration

Make the name Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Set the path to your steamapps\username\half-life 2 episode two\ep2

How did valve manage to break this shit?

They didn’t break it -.-. EP2 was ported to the Source 2009 engine for Mac Support, Simple.

They didn’t break it, but they should have updated the default config files so that Reset Game Configurations would move Ep2 to the 2009 engine. They’ll get around to it, though.