Hi everyone,
I think it is way to easy to raid any kind of building.
It´s a very simple trick, please watch this video and tell me what you think about it.

I think the dev´s should do something about it, because it´s really spoiling the fun building houses, an elementary part of the game.
Please tell me your opinion, wether this is a gamebreaking mechanic or if you think it´s allright and one should just put up with this :wink:

you forgot that you can skip the first floor by just jumping on the barricade with large wood storage box. the barricade can be placed straight on the ground.

Honestly they need to remove the ability to stand on barricades. that would fix alot of issues with just one fix

My guess this will get patched :slight_smile:

But the most incredible part I find is how creative people get when finding ways to exploit game mechanics.

yeah, i wish it wasn´t there…
I, for my part, am not going to play this game anymore until it´s fixed.

I dont think it’s a problem at all if people are utilizing in game resources (such as barricades) to more effectively raid a base. The poll asks about “Grief-raiding”. When i hear that, i think of a situation where someone griefs all of my entrances/exits shut before/during/after they raid me. People will claim that it’s okay because they’re just raiding you, but griefing is griefing no matter what, and simply just ruins the game for whomever is now stuck.

Jumping on barricades to access higher floor levels, building staircases on the side…etc should remain part of the game in my opinion. If you couldn’t auto-access any floor you wanted, raiding would be almost futile on a base that’s 4 or more levels tall.

This is largely why a lot of people are just not building up anymore. Between this, the xmas tree trick, large storage box super jumping, greifing your stairs with ceilings, ect. Its just not worth it unless you build up 20+ levels. Which for most is just 2 costly except for the basement dwellers that can play 8-12 hours a day.

This is why more people are just building wide and long forcing people to waste c4 to blow into their base.

Wait - it’s either me or it’s u who misunderstood word griefing. For me grief raiding is when someone raids your house and for eg. destroys stairs and puts pillar in that spot (which fOOks up the house unless u play on a server with removal tool).

Actions like jumping from baricades etc. r either game weakness abuse or exploiting game mechanics. How exactly is that griefing?

explain the xmas tree trick?

then suicide bases would be unraidable…

it’s not gamebreaking, you just have to design your house correctly. if you got a 2x1 house 150 stories up why the hell would i waste 150 C4 to get to the top ? Finding weak spot on houses is part of the game and shouldn’t be removed, you have to redesign your house. Houses should be wide but not tall that’s why you get raided. you can’t break cellings so use it as an avantage instead of going full retard building very high thinking it’s safe. If you stop me from standing on barricades, I’ll just use workbenches + wood storage box and you’ll still get raided

Xmas tree tick is where you put a barricade on an angle on top of a pillar, then put another pillar ontop of that, then put a barricade ontop of that pillar facing the other way and continue. This allows you to climb up the pillars/barricades till you get to the top.

here is a link with pictures:

and unusable…u need to stand on a barricade to use them :wink:

TBH, while I hate getting “grief raided” its the only real type of raiding there is.

Lets be honest, by the time you are geared enough to actually raid (you have 2+ C4) you most likely have:

a base

and if you have that you don’t NEED anymore supplies… so any raiding after that is just to take what people have… hence… griefing.

And no… I don’t really have a problem with it being in the game.

I think it takes away the “late-game”…
farming a lot of c4 to raid your worst enemy, who has a very huge base…
but this huge base isn´t as huge anymore, since it just take a few c4 to get in every story… and i haven´t seen a single house, which takes a lot of c4 to get in, since i know this trick…

I think there should not be something like an unraidable base.
I also think there shouldn’t be any restrictions on walking on any kind of player built object.
Furthermore, I would like us to be able to jump and grab objects to climb on them. Wouldn’t mind seeing grappling hook or ladders introduced as well.

Most “balanced” games I’ve played are those on high populated servers with limited c4.
That kind of setup prevents people to build megalithic houses, because resources are scarce. It also forces people to spend their c4/grenades more wisely.
And the mare amount of people on the server prevents raids to happen without some kind of interruptions, even if the owner of the house is logged off.

My attitude is - don’t stack up on resources. Collect them to have some fun with items produced.
Build your megalithic monument if you like, but use some imagination to force the raider to loose more then they can get by raiding you.
It’s the only way to win a raiding situation when you are logged off.

Game is in alpha and servers are wiped more often then they are not.
Accept that you will loose stuff.
Don’t cry if you loose your house. Find or build another one.

I Found it a bit boring :S And why would your walls be blown off and replaced with barricades?
Am i missing something?

Look how long it took to get those barricades to stack on top of one another like that-- it took a good 3 minutes. Meanwhile you are vulnerable to anyone who might saunter by and decide to plug you full of lead. As others have said, building up is not as safe as building out. If you make a wide base rather than a tall base you can force people to use C4 to get to your center. The game mechanics are known and yet everyone wants to build a tall base. Stop whining and make a wide base instead.