"Grief" What do you think?

Important: I just make this post in friendship, seeking no hassle!

I just pleindre vien me “complaint”, the act of asking a “Wood celing” above the stairs in a readable manner permanently block the floors of our homes.
It is anti-game after me.

What do you think?
Ideas to fix this “glitch”?

Good day and good game!

It’s a glitch, and I’ll fix it shortly :slight_smile:

Oh Good, if it’s fix, it’s the best game ever!

Your post made no sense.

I guess i’m too stupid to understand what you trying to say. No offense

Edit: After spending 5 mins reading and trying to understand, i think your trying to say that Wood ceilings are permament and its game breaking you cant break them. I think it might change in future.

Say it to Google Traduction :3
EDIT: The post say: What do you think: “Grief”

Ah, I see how it is, it’s just a bit garbled since this guy apparently doesn’t speak English, and Google Translate ain’t exactly perfect. Fine by me though, I’ll take a nice person who just doesn’t speak my language over a jerk or an idiot any day.

But yeah, it’s a glitch, Helk’ll fix it eventually.

I’m not sure if anyone else has thought of this but maybe a thing like DayZ Epoch where you can place down a sign, I.e, a warning sign, and nobody can build in that area but they can place satchels.
And maybe the sign’s could be part of an end-game thing that takes a long time to get hold of, or you can find it in loot drops.

That is simply the most retarded thing i have read, why do you even bother making posts, 90% of the time they are completely retarded, you even bragged how you turned 15 on one… wat?

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming / shitposting, not learning from previous bans" - MaxOfS2D))

THANK YOU BB, legit i was waiting for ever i got raided by a duplication squad, who had at least 60 foundations and cielings and im still traped in my home!

When did I brag being 15? If anything the only think I said was a little p.s. Thanks for the happy birthday feature, At the bottom of my post so don’t get all shitty dick about one idea that popped into head.