Griefers and Trolls

I know the names of the two people that did it, but then I know the devs wont do anything about it and that’s what bothers me most. This game as it is now I would not play nor contribute to if this was release (I only continue here because I know it’s just an Alpha test). Having built a ridiculous foundation, we began sectioning off areas to members. We gathered wood by the thousands, and began securing the walls and doing ceilings. The server goes down and we’re unable to get in. When it finally comes back up, the two people run through the building putting pillars up everywhere and rendering sections no longer buildable.

That needs to be fixed and SOON. Pillars should not remain indestructible and people using them to grief other people should be booted out of this game. Clearly they are only doing it to troll or grief. There’s no other reason for it, and they’ve now destroyed the entire foundation. We’re having to move now and find a new place. Nearly 24 hours of solid work gone from 6 different people contributing.

Devs… you want people to buy this game and enjoy it… stop this nonsense. What is built MUST be able to come down, or altered. As far as I’m concerned… if you don’t put the foundation/ceiling down, you shouldn’t be able to build on it. Pretty frustrated with this game right now because these trolls who have NO purpose here in this TEST… are running amok with absolutely NO recourse.