Griefing and Server Death

There has been a lot of threads recently about server death. Almost every server inevitably dies. There is a lifetime on how the long server lasts. Rust can literally be looked at like a 1 week TF2 match. Always though, the population peters out and one or two teams emerge as the victors.

The problem is base griefing. By base griefing, I mean raiding someone’s base and then adding building pieces to make it unusable. This has become standard practice. After you raid a base, you hack down the stairs and put a ceiling over them, or some walls here, or a pillar there. It usually takes about 100 wood (so maybe .1% the cost of actually building the base) and if the base only has 1 staircase at a point, less than a few c4.

After a players base is griefed, its very difficult for them to restart. Instead of saying “Oh man, I lost all my stuff, time to get my rock and start resupplying” they say “Oh man, I lost all my stuff and I have to rebuild an entire base–guess I’ll just find a fresh wiped server so I’m starting over with everyone else.”

One by one, every player will switch servers after his base is griefed. The devs need to be make the person who laid the first foundation on any set of foundations, able to delete housing parts, or come up with another fix for this issue.

Let me know your thoughts!

This is my 2 cents. I have 430 hours logged. I’m sick of restarting every single time I get raided because my teams base gets griefed and the group consensus is always to start over on a freshly wiped server.

Maybe sit out for a little while. The devs have stated that they are developing more defense mechanisms in base mechanics. Things will be way more interesting as this game gets more content.

There is a mod called Ownership Remover on Oxide.

I’d look for servers with that and then play there.

It prevents most of the griefing by allowing the person who placed the foundation to destroy stuff places on the other foundations with a pick axe. Not 100% perfect, but pretty close.


Defense mechanisms won’t solve the problem. The devs can put in as much defenses as they want but if I’m not online, the raiders have all the time in the world to take their time. Like I said, many people will just c4 your bottom level door and put ceilings on. They won’t even go to get your stuff. Why waste c4 for a bunch of Kevlar and m4’s they already have, when they can just take you out of the game with 2 -3 c4 and a ceiling on your stairs?

My group does this too. Against big teams, we don’t even bother going through their 25 doors to get the loot. We just grief them and go. They won’t be on the server the next day.

Oh, I am sorry… I didn’t know you were aware of everything the devs will be putting into the game, and knew how to counteract everything that hasn’t been coded yet.

Whenever we raid someone, we usually even fix their walls back up for them. But fucking up their base is retarded.

Suck it up and rebuild, that’s what we do on US Central 1 (official). We’ve been hacked several times, raided legit several times, killed (and looted) carrying literally all our stuff to a new base at least once, we’ve been wiped, we’ve been locked out of our base. We always rebuild.

Also, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Each one of my squad has his own small outpost in a remote area with enough supplies to get restarted. Sometimes those outposts get raided, but no all of them.

You have to be patient and resilient in this game if you are a small crew on a big server. Sack it up. Get back to work. Stop whining.

I don’t think you understand. People could suck it up if they wanted. Yes, we have multiple bases and sheds and we could rebuild, but that is like trying to row a boat upriver when you can get to the same place by going downstream. It’s better to just restart and be on a level playing field with everyone else.

To clarify, it’s causing server death because it’s easier to just go to a new server, so that’s what everyone does. I don’t want to debate the human condition but when given 2 options, people will always take the one that makes the most sense. If you have to rebuild, it makes more sense to do it where everyone else is rebuilding too.

I know you want Rust to stay tough and hard and I’m sure it will, but the goal of this post is to help server longevity.

Play on an official server and live with the hackers until the next VAC ban. That’s what we do. The official servers are always full and whenever a vac ban comes through the “big boys” get wiped out entirely (because they are/were invariably hackers).

Even worst-case-scenario under your description-- One server dies and another is born.

Also, I frequently re-occupy accessible portions of my griefed bases. Since they look already raided, they are often left alone in the future. All you really need is a little 1x1 shack. You don’t need to spend 3 days building a magnum opus-- especially when its likely to get griefed, or on an official server to get fly-hacked, or x-ray hacked, or pillar/barricade exploited.

You must be playing on community servers. Find a community server where griefing is frowned on or disallowed. That seems to be your main complaint-- you don’t like your base being griefed.

Also Garry has said many times he will be working on better defensive options. Give the dude some time.

Thank you for the list of workarounds. I am well aware of these options and I appreciate the fact that you are the type of player who is resilient enough to stick it out.

That said, the dev’s could easily put in option to destroy objects on foundations that were placed by your character and fix the entire problem.

Why the staunch opposition? Are you just saying black because I’m saying white? You haven’t even stated how a fix such as the one I suggested would affect gameplay. You are just arguing for the sake of doing so.

Well, I’m a contrarian by nature so I salute you for being perceptive.

Look, its an alpha. Garry is working on it. Give him time.

See his Trello page here:
“House ‘ownership’ so you can easily destroy misplaced objects.”

He’s aware, he’s working on it.

Seems like you were unaware of that. I trust you now feel better about the entire situation?

Well I like to take over abandonned houses when I join a new server, cause most ot the time you just need to fix some walls or something like that.
This wouldn’t work if the owner decides to come back and destroy everything I built on his foundation.

Also, taking over a house you raided is a part of the game. My house was taken over some times, too.
I know griefing sucks because you want to keep your house, but I think thats just a part of the game.

Thats just my 2 cents.

You can’t take over a griefed house. Griefing does not mean blowing holes in it. Please read my first post. Griefed houses are no longer able to be used.

Yeah I know griefed houses are no longer usable. I said I like to take over abandonned houses.
But when the owner of the first foundation can destroy everything built on his foundation, taking over abandonned houses is a risk, because the owner can come back and destroy your new house built on his old house.
Also I think you should be able to take over a house you raided if you like, that would be impossible, too.

Fair enough that’s a valid point. However, I think that is a small price to pay for a fix that can prevent servers from dying 1 team a time. It’s just lame knowing that my time on a server is limited. Even when we are winning and go the entire week without getting raided, it just gets boring after day 5 of or so because the pop dips below a threshold then everyone is out.