Grievous slashing some clones!

Practicing glowing stuff(muzzleflashes and lightsabers), wanted to do a more badass pic but the model is a bitch to pose.

C&C guys, hopefully this one will get more replies than the last ones.

You, sir, have more talent than I in Garrysmod.

I, sir, believe so as well.

Congrats on posing that crappily rigged model.

Grievous took the lightsabers from the jedi he slaid, so how the fuck would he have got his hands on a red lightsaber?

Nonsense, but as a fan I still like it. The clone with dual DC-15’s looks very stiff though, and the pic needs some flying body parts and sparks. The lightsabers are decently made.

I’m sure he had a bigger ‘collection’ of lightsabers than what the movie showed. And he probably killed a sith because they were attacking him or he probably got it as a gift from his mom.

Or maybe he changed the laser crystal.

Or maybe he just got a red light saber as a gift when the sith brought him back to life.

Nice picture, although I don’t like the clone with the duel DC-15’s. He looks too confident, even though he’s standing but a few feet from a guy who just sliced 2 of his allies.

Damn Santz, I need to start taking editing lessons from you. :buddy:
Posing is great, camera angle is good, and as mentioned, I love the editing.

You’ve really grown in making screens Santz, I hope to see many more poses from you.

He didn’t have a clue about the bomb in his shuttle nor about who placed it there. Besides, the only sith alive around those times were Sidious and Tyranus, and neither were killed by Grievous.

Possible, but extremely unlikely.


That would require knowledge about the Force or incredible craftsman skills.

All the sith and jedi build their lightsabers by themselves. If you spend weeks meditating in a Force crystal cave to build a lightsaber, why would you just give it to a lower-class cyborg general who doesn’t know a wampa shit about the Force?

Hell, I sound like Deathbucket here.

Whoa, that’s some serious nit picking on the lightsabers thing Joazzz! But you are right so I will try not to screw up on that next time.

Thanks for the comments! I’m glad I didnt heard anything wrong from the lightsaber edit :slight_smile:

C’mmon guys! Is not that bad :saddowns:

Considering this isn’t official Star Wars canon, I don’t think it would matter if Grievous even had lightsaber colors that didn’t exist.

EDIT: I thought the red saber idea was cool.


For all we know, that could be Pink-5’s lightsaber, ahahahaha.

Red lightsabers aren’t exclusive to evil people.

Deviss will rape Grievous. Good posing man.