Grif Ball GameMode

hi everyone!

im creating my first gamemode! it will be slapped together by other peoples works and mine included.
just if you don’t know what grif ball is, heres a short video:

I will need some help though!
because im not good at mapping or modeling, i need someone to map a square arena with high walls and an open area. also to have to ‘cups’ as goals at the opposite sides of the map- a simplistic map to do.

could someone also turn this model into a v-model and a m-model, it would be much appreciated. (swep is wip)


here’s some things I can offer to you:|
Good luck.

However, I recommend instead of modeling (it is hard to do what you’re asking) to sort of change it a bit, to like GarryWare 2’s rocket launcher, only limited. What that swep does is it fires an ent that propels you, so study that for that code for the Swep, and maybe use a different viewmodel and range for it. Make sure to use refraction textures!

As for the bomb entitiy, if you can find a suitable part for that, I would say do that and credit them instead of trying to code a bomb entity by yourself, especially if this is your first gamemode.

Good luck, dude

I am looking forward to it’s release date, if you continue through, and also, maybe implement it in Fretta as well, I know doing that only would get boring. Speaking of Fretta, if you decide to do it like this, you could enter the Fretta contest!

thanks so much, but it wouldn’t be right to have no gravity hammer models! ive already made 1/2 the swep by code! searching for a suitable bomb entity now. thanks!

No problem.

Yeah, I know it’d be different without gravity hammers, but sometimes that’s just what it has to come to.

Try requesting it here AND FPSBanana if you can’t do it.
I’d love to if I knew how

Ah this reminds me of bombing run from ut2003 - 4, hope this goes well it died in ut2004 quite fast, alot still play it in ut2003 though. Funny video i love red vs blue :stuck_out_tongue: