Griffon (Legendary)

It’s a griffon gryphon griffin grffffFFFF


  • Eye posing
  • Finger (talon) posing
  • Foldable wings (can be difficult)
  • Eyelid posing


Quick pose:

Things to note:

  • Wings have I think 4 bones which are very flexible, so they’ll be everywhere when you spawn the model. The collision of the wing bones are pretty small (can only grab from parts of tips of wings), so posing the wings can be difficult. This was to allow for better folding.

Also on Toybox.

I got a winner here.

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Uh,looks pretty cool. :smiley:

Gryphons! :buddy:

Not only is it a damn good model, but if I remember correctly, will be the only gryphon model on

A big bird!

I love your monsters :smiley:

Cool.About time something was ported from that game

That was a good game, despite the horrible press it got. I always did like the Griffons, too.

The wings were very finicky, but flexible(they spazzed as you said). I’m not…entirely sure how gryphons keep their wings folded against them, so that’s the best I could do with no references.

Awww your not releasing monsters in multiple size’s anymore?

Nice work again BTW too.


Nice work!

Not for griffons. Just doesn’t seem like it would make sense for multiple sizes.

Yeah they are. :v: I was looking at some animations from the game and I saw that the wings clip a whole lot. This doesn’t matter actually since you don’t really see the animation in detail for the folding wings, since you are too busy playing the game and killing stuff.


Nice work!"


Credits no given to developer of model. OP is a dick.

Well saying that the model came from a game, being Legendary in this case, is already credit in itself. Not sure what else you want me to say seeing as everything is already there.

I’d love to see more models from that game. I like it, although it’s not perfect


I recently downloaded the demo for Legendary, and now I’m thinking of buying it.
Thanks, as always, for the great model!