Grigori and the Evil Salesman

Hello, this is my first actual machinima. I have experience with Sony Vegas and making Garry’s Mod videos, so I’m not a complete noob at this. This video DOES have a storyline, and is kinda long, but it gets good towards the middle-end. I made two custom maps for this c:

Story: A very old and grumpy Father Grigori wakes one day to find that his morning is full of very irritating events, and doesn’t want to be bothered for the day. However, after one fateful ring of the doorbell, he is greeted by a visitor who brings news that will change Grigori’s life for better - - Or worse…? And what of the Evil Newspaper Salesman? See to find out!

I Realy liked it (i’m guybidkar). Its realy quite funny!

Thanks dood :smiley: I just wasn’t sure if people were going to sit out the whole 8:13, but I guess some did :smiley:
Only 21 views and only 1 reply? :blush:

Wtf, no replies :C

hell, I like it.

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