Grigori shoots a shotgun


the pose is damn weird

The editing is good, but the posing is bad. It looks like you only posed the top part of the body, slightly did the arms and left the rest of it out.

thats just what i did how did you know?

I laughed, minge posing with good editing.


also the annabella is not pump action in this case it’s fully automatic, thats where all the smoke is coming from

that’s also why it looks like a minge pose and his fingers are bleeding

I’d make a real high res Grigori but I’d take quit the long time.

Lold at yer pose


I lold at the posing, it somehow looks funny

Took forever to load the pic. Why Imageshack? Use if you don’t like filemelt. It is fast and problem free.

Awesome muzzle flash and smoke. The bad posing is on purpose I take it.


Amazing posing, I wish I could be like you.

the pose isn’t mingy enough IMO

It’s pretty awesome.

Lol. Good editing with shit posing.

Funny stuff!

is that his first time shoting that thing?

Awesome. :banjo: