Grim and Jesus

(Grim):That’s just great, Jesus killed himself and now I have to go tell God his son is dead. IT’S NOT LIKE YOUR LIFE WAS HARD, YOU WERE THE FUCKING SON OF GOD!!! God’s gonna be real pissed… maybe I can turn him into a Jew…

O.o… I thought Jesus was immortal, but he was just a mortal man. I wasn’t expecting this lol.

Lenseflair seems a little weird with the lack of color but the Text made me laugh.

Grim should be dead,
Jesus is just too powerful for that you silly little atheist.

The quote is terribly inaccurate. :confused:

But you get an A for Effort.


Jesus are dead. I have proof.


Picture needs better organizing. Without the text no one would know what went on.

Holy shit, there’s more?!