Grim Reaper raising the dead from their graves

Needs more zombies?


Totally sexy! I just wish the sky was more greenish and mystical

Exactly what Hairybastard said.

The scythe is ugly, but that’s probably something we can’t blame you of.

Love it!

Tha hand looks totally awesome, so does the grass.

Good job!


Nice idea. Very original and nice scene-build.

One word … WOW!!

No grim no, thats not how you do your job.

You’ve got it the wrong way around.

God that’s sexy.

jizzed in my jeans bro.

Found a fitting thread music. Kinda.

Hahaha, fuckin’ awesome man. Keep up the great editing and scenebuilding.

Well this owns the one like this that i did.
Great work.

I don’t know much of metalica, but this song does fit in.

Fucking Awesome picture.
Excellent Idea.

Btw why is joazzz banned?

he suddenly became too awesome?


He is allowed to bump awesome threads like this or not?