Grim Reaper's latest soul

I was going to make a minge pose just to test the model but while posing i really wanted to make something more serious so this is what came out.

C&C is always welcome

nice posing, also, where did you get that model, could you please link me to it? the model I mean, not the game.

Nice grim reaper. Pose it self is ok.

The guy’s stomach is a little pushed out, but I like the overall shot.

Where did you get the Grim model?

Sweet pose, but I think the GH grim reaper model detracts attention from the rest of the scene. Next time, you should use less facy models, and edit for a really cool feel.

The Grim reaper model comes from a GH pack the soon will be released

the model is kinda the point with this pic.

Where did you get the Grim model?

Grim Ripper with Scarecrow’s scythe?
He got a horn-perm lol.