Grinding across 2fort.


Looks fucking awesome man! Posing and editing are both really good!

[sp]herp derp 1,337 post[/sp] :downs:

Posing looks great. Nice job.

The soldier needs to take some skating lessons, that’s not how you support yourself on the board(RPG) while grinding :colbert:

The sparks are a bit excessive too.

I was expecting some kind of soldier humping something in 2Fort.

Soldier has no patience nor time for such hippie sports

The sparks I agree with though.

Fuck you skater man.

This is an A+ picture.

This is awesome. Good to see you posing again.

Didn’t a someone have a pose just like this in the edit me thread, but not as extensive and cool as yours? And not as well edited, and not as well edited. What I am basicly saying is, this is the best it gets.

Jet Set Radio much?

me too :smug: