compare original to edited

This is the bee’s knees.

I think the shadow on his face is a little too harsh. I would have applied another, darker toned (such as blue), dimmed lamp beaming to the shadowed side in order to give it less of a contrast.

Excellent editing, makes male_4 look less low res.

that’s a custom model. the only things he added were the blueish color correction and CA

Not saying this is bad, its actually pretty cool, but all you did was use lens correction and add a blue filter?


If only it were less zoomed in, I could actually tell what is going on or what the context is supposed to be.

Nothign much to say really… cool color correction.

Seems like you could have done alot more tho, this probably took you less then 15 minutes. Could have improved the textures or something at least. Fixed up the hair, etc. Work with what you had or make a more interesting picture.