Grinning Studios' Rust Guide / Walkthrough (Yet another guide, hopefully the best or will become the best.)

Hey everyone,

I have been fairly hard at work writing my own guide that I think provides a little bit more information, organized in a way, that is most useful to the beginner. It is ongoing and I will be adding more and more over the days, months, and years.
The guide may have some information that is useful to you, hopefully, organized in a way that you could tell your newbie friend to check this guide before playing - to get started in a way that helps them enjoy the game and not give up on it the first time they are murdered for their rock.
I’d love some feedback, constructive criticism, or comments if you feel so inclined. I know there are many guides, and many of them are great! I think there should be more guides. The easier it is for newbies to find information about the game, the more likely they will enjoy the game or play in a way that they enjoy.

I’ve been working to finish this Guide, and added a lot of new parts to it. Including some great tips on house design and being the survivor, not the victim, of Banditry.

The point of this guide is to be simple and to the point. To get new players playing as well as they can without having to study the intimidating wiki. This guide is the base points anyone needs to play the game and enjoy it as quickly as possible. Hopefully, I am hitting that goal.

The biggest turn offs my friends who are new to the game have told me about are based on not knowing what the hell they are doing at first go. Since I posted this guide, many of them have become more interested in the game and are playing more/better.

If you don’t mind, can you tell me if this guide is simple enough? Is it to the point? Easy to navigate?

Thanks guys!