Grom (Singularity)

That huge centaur insect crab thing that hates trains.

Just wanted to get this last model out of the way.


[ul]4 skins (glowing white eyes and glowing mouth, black eyes and glowing mouth, glowing white eyes and normal mouth, black eyes and normal mouth)[/ul]
[ul]Bodygrouped weak points (disable/enable those orange things)[/ul]
[ul]4 sizes (1x regular, 1.7x big, 3x bigger, 5x giant)[/ul]
[ul]Finger (front claws) posing via the finger poser[/ul]
[ul]Finger (rear claws) posing via the toe poser[/ul]


Regular size:

Skins and bodygroup:

Test pose with big size:


Things to Note

Sometimes the arms/legs pop all over the place.

Also on Toybox.

Toe poser:

Dude, freakin’ sweet.

triple Fn awesome dude, but there’s a change of seing renko or devlin as ragdolls in a future?

Another great release. Monsters are always needed!

more models fron singularity please

Looks great. I enjoy the game so much, I’m scared of playing it again.

Thank you. I’ll need this one for my parallel universe stuff i’m working on right now.

I knew I had seen that creature somewhere, now it is released I remember it again. Hated this guy so much.

What the hell you’re porting from Singularity now? Amazing.

If you have the time, it’d be great to get some humans and/or those blue guys that could timeshift.

Sorry, but I’m only interested in monsters and aliens. (Preferably big ones. :v:)

Have you thought about any of the bosses from Painkiller? They’re all pretty huge monsters.

I would have thought dead space would be right up your ally then.

Haven’t thought about that. Maybe later.

I’m not really into the undead/necromorph stuff.

Came in expecting this Grom

Left not disappointed though. Cool model.

;l i HATE the orange thingys on it. good job you can turn them of :slight_smile:

exactly. so keep it up. you are a monster when it comes to porting models. aliens, creatures and monsters of any kind are ALWAYS welcome for making nice screenshots.

You’ve done it again, great job!

Hella beastly.

nice beasty youve got there

bullshit that’s the monster from lost planet 2! Or wait, resident evil 5! fucking cancerous orange bulbs!