Ground Control 2 NSA Vehicles

this may be a pretty big request but if you could it would be a big addition to the screenshot community

most of you probably dont know about ground control 2 and most of you do

but if some-one could port or make all the tanks, helidines, terradines. that would be great

in specific

Big Bird
and if possible the drop ship

pictures well, here

watchman at front and middle, rhino second


Hailstorm is at the left (in deployed mode, make that aswell if possible)

liberator (green team)

volcanos at the right

unfortunatly all other pictures and screenshots of the NSA vehicles have been delated. so if its best you can port them

personally the skins look alright even now from this game (made in 2005)

so please if you have the time)

and ragdoll them…please

…just waiting for a response

I was actually thinking of porting the uh huh aircraft (damnit can’t remember the names of anything but the Ravager tank :P) earlier. Just need to find my installs for GC2 first and hope that either 3dxripper works or there are some tools out for it.

ok thanks, you were always a great person ever since i met you

im wondering who would want to port the emperial and viron vehicles after this

this request cannot die, i want these models