Ground Control 2 Raw files. (ready for 3dsMax) Vehicles and Scenery

I managed to rip a vast majority of Scenery and vehicles from GC2

Includes all the destroyed skyscrapers and buildings, along with massive rubble props
Bunkers, hangers and colony buildings. Large landing pads, walls, gates, generators and Pipelines from
all the biomes, regular, desert and arctic, with destroyed versions of each.
Research facilities, Sniper and guard towers, plus Light Towers.

Quite a bit of Alien fauna from the Desert biome and some glacial props
A great number of turret emplacements such as the anti-infantry, flamethrower and plasma cannons.

Also the NSA vehicles which have not been ported yet by wraithcat, such as the helidynes and terradynes., and all the Terran Vehicles, such as walkers and hoverdynes, including the Campaign ones like the Orbital gun, drilling rig transport and Overlord Tank.

theres quite a bunch.

the model quality is equal to World in Conflict, which is expected seeing as it’s from the same guys. the same can be said of the infantry detail ,however I didn’t rip those as better versions can be made with hacks.

I also didn’t get any of the Viron stuff. Units and buildings. However I did get Alien obelisks and whatnot

Couldn’t get any printscreens or the like, but here are a few screenshots of what to expect



nab everything here:

These were taken with Ninja ripper, so I’d imagine people would need the importer.

Have fun

Holy Jesus christ on a bicycle, i need this.

Here is an example

I support this, there’s alot of useful stuff in there!

god damn. a guardsmen, AFF ships, hl2 stuff, a t-late 1900s something… what a mish mash.

This isnt too old so im gonna bump this in hopes that we get someone to port those building models…hopefully