Ground Control - round-based team versus team

Hello. Ground Control is a team vs team gamemode I was initially making for a specific community, but they changed their minds, so after a year of doing other things I’ve finished it and have released it to the public.

The rest of the text is taken straight from the Workshop page of the addon:

**This gamemode requires Customizable Weaponry 2.0, Extra Customizable Weaponry 2.0 and CW 2.0 melee! It will NOT function otherwise!
Make sure those three weapon packs are installed.

This is a MULTIPLAYER ONLY gamemode. It will NOT work in singleplayer.

Gitlab repository, pull from ‘release’ branch.

For a list of server console commands, please click here**

What is this?
Ground Control is a gamemode that focuses heavily on teamwork and lethality of combat.
In this gamemode communication between you and your team mates is crucial in order to succeed.

What does it play like?
Imagine the weapon lethality of ARMA 3 or Insurgency, gunplay similar to Battlefield 3 and tension of Counter-Strike in one package - in other words - it’s a blast.

How many people should I play this with?
The gamemode plays best with 8 players on each team (any more and it’s a meatgrind), however you’re free to bump the player limit all the way up to 32 players (or even higher, if you’re feeling lucky), since it should be more fun with more people.
The gamemode is well-optimized, and during playtests I had no trouble running the server at a tickrate of 128 with 20 people on the server, on the same computer that I also played it on. (i5 4670, 8gb of ram)

What maps can I play this on?
By default CS:S maps are supported, however you can easily add support for various other maps.

What are the features?

  • Uses my Customizable Weaponry 2.0 base, which went through a lot of bug-fixes and improvements specifically due to development of this gamemode
  • Section-based armor system - an armor vest only protects your torso
  • 4 game types
  • Stamina & movement affectors
  • Weight system
  • Suppression
  • Configurable loadouts - no classes, the gear you pick determines what your ‘class’ is
  • Custom footstep sound system
  • Bleeding
  • Radio system with multiple voice-overs
  • Cash and Experience progression
  • Disarming via dealing damage to arms
  • Traits (aka Perks), these have been designed to not have a direct effect on gameplay (ie. no perks of ‘increase damage dealt’, ‘decrease damage taken’, ‘increase health’, etc. types)
  • Minimal health regeneration
  • On-screen hint system for new players, so that they can get into the gamemode quick

Game types
- Attackers VS Defenders style
- No respawns
- Win conditions: capture one of all available objective points or kill the enemy team

Urban Warfare:
- Both teams try to capture one point.
- Teams respawn in waves when the point is captured in the wave, the timer runs out or one of the teams is killed; players that stayed alive during the wave do not respawn.
- Win conditions: drain enemy tickets down to 0

- Attackers VS Defenders style
- No respawns
- Defenders need to protect both points from the attackers, and they cannot stray too far from their starting area.
- Win conditions: capture one of all available objective points or kill the enemy team

Ghetto Drug Bust:
- Attackers VS Defenders + Capture the Flag style
- No respawns
- The Ghetto (Defenders) team has more people than the Attackers team, but they can’t select what weapon they spawn with, and the weapons they get are one of the following: a pistol of some kind, Super Shorty, MAC-11, AK-74
- Win conditions: capture one of all available drug packages or kill the enemy team
- Features a unique voice over for the Ghetto team

Stamina & movement affectors
Actions like running and jumping use up your stamina, which in turn will make you run slower.
Your maximum stamina is also determined by your health - if you’re low on health, you’ll also be low on stamina.
Sprinting sideways or backwards will be slower than sprinting forward.

Weight system
Equipping a lot of gear will make you run out of stamina very quickly and movement will make more noise.
This makes players prioritize whether they want to go for heavy armor and heavy weapons to be safe, or pick a lighter loadout which would let them run quickly for a longer period of time.

Configurable loadouts
Players are able to pick what their primary and secondary weapons are, how many bandages, spare magazines they wish to carry, and what armor vest they want to wear.
The weight from all those objects adds up and affects the player as mentioned before.

Custom footstep sound system
The sound of your footsteps is affected by both your movement speed and the amount of gear you are wearing.
The higher the weight of your loadout, the noisier you will be.

Radio system
A total of 18 radio commands means that players will be able to respond to most situations without having to use voice chat or type into chat.
A total of 3 voiceovers means that there is enough variety to avoid repetitiveness.
Why use voice chat when you can just mark the position of an enemy with a radio command?

Whenever a bullet lands close, you get shot or begin bleeding - your adrenaline levels will begin increasing.
The higher your adrenaline level is, the more difficult it will be to fire precisely when aiming down the sights.
On the flip side of the coin, a high adrenaline level will allow you to run faster than usual and make hip fire more accurate.

Whenever a player has their primary weapon equipped and takes a lot of damage to their arms, they will drop their primary weapon and be unable to pick them back up.

Cash and Experience
You receive cash and experience for multiple actions. Cash is used to unlock new weapon attachments and perks, while experience passively unlocks you additional attachment slots.
Actions that are more teamwork oriented get you more experience, while actions that involve less input from your team mates award you more cash.
Be careful not to shoot your team mates though, as you lose a lot of money and experience for doing so.

Traits (aka Perks)
Traits were made specifically to not affect the gameplay directly.
Instead you have traits that modify your suppression tolerance and other factors. Their boost is also minimal, they won’t provide 50% boosts to a specific aspect.

Minimal health regeneration
Health does not regenerate, unless you were hit in a protected part of your body, in which case you only regenerate the amount of damage that the armor negated, which is minimal in most cases, due to blunt trauma.

For developers/server owners
It is very easy to add more CW 2.0 weapons to the gamemode, all you’ll need to do is make sure your server is running a specific weapon and then call several functions in sh_loadout.lua
Please follow this link to view example weapon code

Kenboy - footstep sounds
Cry of Fear - breathing sounds
Xtrullor - round start track
PAYDAY 2 - last man standing stinger
tayley - australian voice over
Shinden - american voice over
Adrian ( - ghetto voice over
My brother - russian voice over
a cheeky yena - radio on/off sounds
FA:S 2.0 - bandaging sounds

If I left someone out in the credits, rest assured I take no credits for your work.

If you would like to contribute in some way (in particular round start/finish music tracks, UI icons, maps specific for this gamemode, etc.), please leave a comment on here.

You can get it here:

Just tried it with some friends
Good shit :v:

I just realized that some of the game types use non-standard maps (ie maps that don’t come with CS:S) and if you don’t have them installed + vote for that map - you will be stuck in an endless loop of votes for the next map :X

I’ll fix it soon.

Edit: done

Looks dope

u literally replied a couple minutes after this was published -_-

…and? the gamemode was tested for months before this thread was posted.

looks amazing :slight_smile:

This looks incredible.

I’ll make a suggestion for the gamemode on the forums of the server community I play on.


Yeah, I had a quick final playtest right before releasing, could have been that he was there.

Quick heads-up for everyone: I completely forgot that it also needs CW 2.0 melee, so if you’re getting an error spam - subscribe to that and you should be good to go.

Looks fun, good job!

Oh hey Spy.

Here is european 24/7 Ground Control server:

played it and its awesome

I came across this thread when it was posted 1 min
So I tested it and post than comment 20 min later :v:

This looks awesome. Is there an included map/gametype voting system?

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Nevermind, wasn’t aware it did.

US Texas Server:


	if not GAMEMODE.VoteActive then -- nigger, what are you doing


Yeah, for a gamemode like this it seemed like a necessity, so I wrote a simple voting system, I should probably mention that in the OP. You can disable game type voting via gc_allow_gametype_votes 0, to limit your server to one game type.

It also has an automatic punishment system for TKing too much (first it kicks, then it starts banning, and the duration of the ban goes up with each following punishment that passed the vote), after a while it starts lowering the punishment level if the player hasn’t received any punishment within some period of time.

Awesome, post your server IP in a discussion on the Workshop page of the gamemode, people are looking for servers to play on.

Very nice gamemode, reminds me of R6 or insurgency, but I suck at those, but not this.

Too bad it will get bogged down by overused bullshit like TTT, DarkRP, Murder, And prophunt. Really sucks.

Here’s a server I found that’s hosted in the US that gets a decent amount of people:

Apparently this night (for me) there was a 12v12 game on, and as of right now (6:30PM for me), there are ~12 people on. Pretty good for day one if you ask me, most of my older gamemodes were dead on the first day.

Im going to try this out later. I’ll post server ip soon

Any EU servers hosting it?

Yep, robinkooli’s, he has posted here a while ago. IP is