Ground Control to Major Tom..

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Alternate angle

I was just dicking around when the song came on shuffle and inspired this pose…

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Tom is a first name, not a last name.

Great song, quite good pose. Kudos.


Clearly never heard the song^

Defiantly never heard the song, and do you even know anyone with “major” as their birth name?

Nice pose by the way.

Great song and great pose.

The only little issue I have with it is that the line “here am I floating in my tin-can” infers that he is in his little spaceship/pod thing, but I understand what you’ve done is employ your artistic license.

Add to OP?

there is indeed a man who was named major, the irony i guess is that he is well… a major in the military. so yeah, major major.

That’s awesome. Also, the second angle looks better than the first in my opinion.

I always pictured Major Tom as a classic astronaut.

Like that.

Except sitting in his tin can.

Dammit now I’m gonna be listening to Bowie all night.

I had the exact same idea using the exact smae models listen to the song.

Freaky. (No pun intended)

Dude I have a friend who’s last name is Tim, Tom can be a last name. Great picture by the way.

Quite freaky.

“theres” ruined the picture. Grammar is an important part of making a difference.

God I love Catch-22.

Nice picture but the editing is kinda odd.
Sun is glowing really strange.

Ground Control to Colonel Bruce

Land Command to Captain Joe


dude you dont know who colonel bruce is?


Final Fantasy 8…

He’s gonna die. No question.